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PRICE: $220
Daikoku: God of the Earth, Agriculture, and Rice (Hindu Origin)
Ebisu: God of the Ocean and Fishing Folk (Japanese Origin)
Both are considered patrons of wealth and good fortune.

Japanese spelling for Ebisu Japanese for Ebisu

Japanese spelling for Daikokuten Japanese for Daikokuten (also called Daikoku)

This delightful set is made of sandalwood, a highly prized aromatic wood of great beauty and texture. These two deities are often depicted together, with Daikoku considered the father and Ebisu the son. Artwork of the pair can be found everywhere in modern Japan, especially as members of Japan's Seven Lucky Gods.

  • Wood = Sandalwood
  • Amulet Size in Centimeters = H = 6.0 W = 4.3 T = 1.5
  • Comes with its own wooden box (made of boxwood) for safe storage and transport. The names of both deities are written in Japanese on the box cover.
  • Box Size in Centimeters = H = 8.5 W = 12.0 T = 3.7
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Daikoku and Ebisu Sandalwood Amulet Set

Ebisu Sandalwood Amulet

Ebisu Sandalwood Amulet
Ebisu's outer covers are designed in the shape of a fish.

Daikoku Sandalwood Amulet

Daikoku Sandalwood Amulet
Daikoku's outer covers are designed in the shape of rice bales.

Size of Sandalwood Amulets
Size of amulets and protective box.

Box for sandalwood amulet set
Cover of the box in which set is stored.


Daikoku Mini Statue

Ebisu Mini Statue

Ebisu & Daikoku, Sold Separately or as Set

Ebisu & Daikoku, Sold Separately or as Set

Daikoku Sandalwood AmuletEbisu Sandalwood Amulet

Daikoku & Ebisu Antique Set

Mini Sanmen Daikoku Zushi Set

On Sale

On Sale

Each $85
Set $150

Each $175
Set $340


On Sale


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